We have transitioned from our charming but labor-intensive paper record-keeping to an online system called, appropriately, MindBody.  Among the many benefits of this new system:

  • You can track your class packages online, and even renew them automatically when they run out (once we get that feature running).
  • You can reserve space in class up to one month in advance (though we'll always save 4 spots for drop-ins).  Or just check to see how full the class is before you come.
  • You can now pay with a credit card in the studio (though we still appreciate cash or check, since we pay about 2.5% in fees for each payment we process).  You can also choose to keep your credit card stored in the system, so you can pay without even bringing your card.
  • You can do all of this through your iPhone (support for other smartphones coming).

Click here to claim your account.  You'll be asked to create a login, password, and enter other biographical info.  All information is kept secure by Mindbody - nothing is stored on Grateful Yoga premises or computers.  Please fill in as much info as you feel comfortable sharing.  It will help us understand our student demographics and perhaps to send you fun and entertaining mailings in the future.

Class Reservation

Once you have a class package registered in the system, you can reserve yourself a space in any class up to 30 days in advance.  Once you are logged in, go to the class schedule page and click "Sign Up Now".  You will be prompted to buy a class or class package if you don't already have one.

We will save you a spot up until class begins - at that point, your reserved spot may be given to a standby student.

Reservations are optional!  At the moment, it is rare for any of our classes to be completely full.  Of course, we hope to continue growing our student base and offer yoga to as many people as possible. Therefore, we want to provide a way for our commited to students to be guaranteed a space in class.  We will reserve 4 spots for drop-in students, so even if you don't reserve, you can come early and have a good chance to getting a space.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a class reservation, visit this page in your account.  We require at least 3 hours advance notice for cancellations.  If you cancel less than 3 hours before class starts or do not show up, one class credit will be deducted from your current package.

We have designed this policy to encourage commitment and ensure that everyone gets a space who wants one, not because we want to make easy money of students' misfortune.  If you have missed a reserved class due to a health or family emergency, please email us to discuss.


Do I have to use this system?

No. We will use it to track your attendance, but you are not required to do anything besides come to class!  We are happy to provide a paper card so you can keep track of your class usage, if you wish.

Why am I not in the system?

If you do not receive our email newsletter and occasionally open it, then you were not imported into our new system. Just create a new account for yourself from scratch.  If you don't want to receive our newsletters, you can check that option in your account.

I logged in to my account, but I can't find my class card.

We have just begun to track class cards through the system. If you've been to class in the last week you should find a proxy record of "X" classes that matches the number left of your card.  If there is no record of your class card, we will create one for you next time you attend class.

What if I don't have easy access to the Internet, but still want to reserve a class?

If you have a class package with us, you may choose to reserve class times in person, up to 30 days in advance.  To cancel without using an online account, we ask for 24 hours notice via phone or email.

Reserve a class

Guarantee your spot

Additional Resources

Prenatal and Postnatal Education series Lela has put together a few courses with her yoga school to help you prepare for birth and postpartum recovery

Are you experiencing anxiety and/or depression? Contact Beyond the Baby Blues, a group therapy support group for prenatal and postpartum moms in Evanston. Lela teaches yoga for some groups.

Looking for a healthcare provider? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for doula, Certified Nurse Midwife, holistic OB/GYN, and Physical Therapy recommendations

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