rhoda assisting seated twistIf you are in chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or have a condition that requires you to modify your lifestyle, we can design a therapeutic plan to support you. Our teachers specialize in working with such conditions as: musculoskeletal imbalance (common back pain, shoulder and neck tension, etc), multiple sclerosis, joint replacements, PTSD & trauma recovery, cancer treatment recovery, and persistent stress and anxiety.  Therapeutic yoga sessions can include:

Simple breathing practices can reduce stress and create peace in the bodymind.
Dynamic and static yoga postures help joints stay mobile and muscles supple - especially important when there is decreased range of motion due to injury or surgery.
Learn how to free your posture from habitual limitations and stand tall!
Guided study of yoga philosophy can provide useful perspectives for understanding pain, suffering, and our life's purpose.
Customized practice
Receive home practices designed to complement and enhance your current healthcare plan.
We can work with your physical therapy exercises to make them more engaging and effective.
Safe, strengthening exercises offer an experience of empowerment inside your body
Facilitated self-discovery
Curiousity and self-compassion can break cycles of habitual suffering and make space for more healthy patterns
Examine how your physical symptoms relate to past and present life circumstances
Meditation offers a path to reconnection with yourself - who you are beyond any particular injury or malady.

Yoga therapy offers holistic support for medical care, not a replacement.  We are happy to speak with your doctor, psychotherapist or physical therapist before meeting with you.  We can also provide a wide range of referrals to other practitioners.  Please be sure to disclose all current health-related issues to your practitioner before getting started with your therapeutic yoga plan.

Practitioners in the Grateful Yoga family

Please note that each teacher sets their own rates and handles their own registration.  Contact them directly to learn more about their approach or schedule a session.


Nick Beem, C-IAYT, studio owner

  • Emerging adults, overworked professionals, men, families, couples
  • Chronic pain, postural asymmetry, home practice help and breathing practices
  • Also offers Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and nature therapy
  • nick at gratefulyoga dot com
  • Availability in-studio and on Zoom

Lela Beem, C-IAYT, SEP in Training, studio owner

  • Prenatal and postpartum issues, anxiety and depression, trauma resolution, chronic pain, childbirth preparation
  • Also offers Somatic Experiencing and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
  • lela at gratefulyoga dot com
  • Limited availability in-studio and on Zoom

Rhoda Miriam, C-IAYT

Sarah Westbrook, C-IAYT

  • Physical restrictions, chronic conditions and injuries, especially spinal conditions and postural disorders, including scoliosis, neck and back pain, hyper-lordosis/hyper-kyphosis and sacroiliac dysfunction
  • https://www.yogatherapywithsarah.com/


Becky Paulin-Liston, PT, E-RYT

Eliza Hofman, E-RYT, currently training to be a psychatrist at Chicago Medical School

  • Emerging adults, anxiety and depression, burned-out professionals, psychiatric issues
  • elizahofman at gmail dot com


Rose Campbell, postpartum doula, yoga nidra instructor, pre/postnatal specialist

  • Customized yoga nidra (guided relaxation practice) to use during your perinatal time (or anytime). Proven to reduce anxiety, stress and lessen symptoms of PTSD
  • https://wisdom-within-you.com/about/

The yoga therapy components of teachers' practices are based on training with IAYT-certified schools, not derived from their status as RYTs with Yoga Alliance Registry.