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Upcoming Dates: April 10 - May 15, 2024; 12-1:15p CT

Living with chronic pain or anxiety can feel overwhelming and exhausting. For many of us, the stress that arises from trying to manage chronic conditions often increases symptoms, making things worse.

Western medicine offers medication and surgery, which sometimes cannot totally resolve the problem. Likewise, the world of alternative therapies is vast, and effective approaches can be difficult to navigate successfully.

Many have found therapeutic yoga and mindfulness approaches to be powerful tools for reducing or resolving the symptoms and stress of chronic pain and anxiety. Not only are such practices affordable and accessible, they affirm our capacity to heal ourselves.

In this 6-week workshop, Rhoda Miriam will share a set of practices she has found helpful for working with her own experience of chronic pain.

Here is some of what we’ll explore:

  • Brain/body communication and our ability to “change our own minds”
  • Breathing techniques that can offer immediate as well as long-term relief
  • Muscle rebalancing and somatic tracking tools to retrain the body/mind response to chronic patterns
  • Mindfulness-based practices including meditation, yoga nidra and deep nervous system relaxation
  • Journaling to assist in self discovery and formulating your personal home practice based on your individual circumstance
  • Community support through group discussion and sharing
  • Resources for ongoing practice, including session audio recordings that are yours to keep

If you experience any form of chronic pain, stress or anxiety, this workshop series may be just what you’ve been looking for.

All sessions take place on Zoom and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live or wish to review.

Cost: $145 / members save 15% / sliding scale gladly offered



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A sample experience from The Road to Relief with Rhoda Miriam


 Student Stories

My name is Betty Douglas. I’m a retired Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in geriatrics, having practiced for 30 years in a health care setting. I have participated in several of Rhoda Miriam’s 4-week series on Yoga for Managing Chronic Pain. I was initially attracted to these series for relief from pain but as I have continued with each series, I find that I’m also learning tips and techniques for managing stress and anxiety as well. As we age, chronic pain can sometimes occur and stress seems to be an unavoidable part of life. Although we cannot always control pain or stress in our lives, we can develop insight into how these impact us personally and how we respond to them. The insights and practices provided in these series have helped me to develop skills to better manage my pain, stress and anxiety, to feel more comfortable and to function more easily in my daily life.

Rhoda has extensive training, knowledge and expertise that she easily shares in her lectures, yoga practice and especially during discussion sections. I have found that, as I take each series, there is some helpful review of previous material but always something new is introduced. Rhoda shares techniques that can easily be incorporated into everyday life and utilized throughout the day. I have developed insights into my own response to pain and stress and I have learned simple, helpful relaxation and breathing techniques, movements and postures that help me to better manage my response and find relief. For this I am very grateful!

Betty Douglas, Chicago

Rhoda’s Yoga for Chronic Pain, Stress and Anxiety series is one of the most meaningful experiences I am having. It is a wonderful feeling after 20 years of practicing with her to feel so comfortable in her expertise and understanding.  So much of the content in these sessions is new to me. The more familiar I become with it, both in class and on recordings, the better I feel and more curious for more. Sharing feelings and learning through others in class is so comforting and I look forward to Rhoda’s caring ways.

Penny Spencer, Retired Early Childhood Teacher