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Mondays, beginning Jan 9, 2023, 4:30-5:15 Baby & Me for ages 6 weeks to active crawling!
Wednesday evenings, 7-8p studio only (for prenatal and postnatal students)
You are also welcome to join our prenatal classes on Mondays at 5:45p or Saturdays at 8:30a, as well as any of our Hatha or Gentle classes will be welcoming to your recovering body.

Topics will include:

  • Practices for realigning and re-balancing the sacrum and hips
  • Techniques for re-discovering your core muscles
  • Postures for relieving neck and shoulder tension, stretching arms and hands
  • Practices to calm you down, center your mind and deeply rest

  Come join this supportive community of mothers and reconnect to your body at the same time!

I have a busy schedule and I don't often give as much attention as I would like to my new baby, especially since I also have a toddler at home. Going to yoga on Saturday mornings with her has been a highlight of her infancy. I feel so filled with love after an hour of looking at her sweet face and exploring movement together. What pure joy to enjoy her, rather than just constantly managing a million tasks like usual. Highly recommended- it puts me in a phenomenal mood for the rest of the day. - L.S.

This class is the best thing to happen to new (and new again) mamas since an extra hour of sleep! This weekly ritual saves me in so many ways - strengthens my center (in all meanings of the word), opens my hunched shoulders and gives me a moment to breathe. Love the community, the self-care time and the way I can actually stand up straight for a while after class, that is until my 4 month old and 3 year old want to be carried at the same time again. Sarah, Evanston



$20/single class

$89/month for unlimited classes

$69 for 4 classes (no expiration)

Financial need rates are available. Please inquire.


NEW COURSE: Recovering Your Body: Yoga for Postpartum Recovery available now!

This course contains several sections to help you reconnect to your postpartum body.

  • Re-balancing your core using simple movement and diaphraghmatic breathing
  • Pelvic floor awareness in yoga postures
  • How to properly do a kegel
  • Restorative postures to promote healing
  • Ergonomic suggestions for how to feed your baby with the least amount of strain on your body
  • Practices for relieving neck, arm and shoulder tension
  • Guided relaxation

Additional Resources

Prenatal and Postnatal Education series Lela has put together a few courses with her yoga school to help you prepare for birth and postpartum recovery

Are you experiencing anxiety and/or depression? Contact Beyond the Baby Blues, a group therapy support group for prenatal and postpartum moms in Evanston. Lela teaches yoga for some groups.

Looking for a healthcare provider? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for doula, Certified Nurse Midwife, holistic OB/GYN, and Physical Therapy recommendations