To access the recording, just click on the link and you'll be taken to a page where you can stream the audio or download it for home use.

Movement Practices

Seated Breath and Spinal Movements with Rhoda Miriam (7 min)

Gentle Neck Movements from Seated with Rhoda Miriam (8 min)

Gentle Yoga Class with Rhoda Miriam (75 min)

Foundational Floor Sequence with Nick Beem (13 min)

Building Stability in Breath and Body with Nick Beem (44 min)

"Unity of Breath and Mind" Hatha Continuing Class with Lela Beem (73 min)

Calming and Grounding Practice with Lela Beem (23 min)

Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

61-point relaxation with Nick Beem (12 min)

Guided relaxation for breath and body with Rhoda Miriam (16 min)

Yoga Nidra with Rhoda Miriam

Prana shakti yoga nidra with Lela Beem (23 min)

Prenatal yoga nidra with Lela Beem (12 min)

Pregnancy and birth yoga nidra with Lela Beem (13 min)

Pranayama and Meditation

Three-part Breathing (good for lungs) with Nick Beem (14 min)

Felt sense meditation for anxiety with Rhoda Miriam (7 min)

Breath meditation with Nick Beem (20 min)

Breathing and Belly Meditation (nishta dharana) for Stabilizing Emotions with Nick Beem (31 min)