Nearly a year later, I still use the tools and skills I learned in your program  every day, both on and off the mat. I really feel like I reprogrammed my brain in a good way.  In the midst of stress or discomfort I can choose to be more relaxed, accepting, and gentle with myself than I could previously. The program continues to be rewarding and helpful in everyday life.

This program teaches you no only stress management skills, but more importantly, self-awareness.  Both on and off the mat, you will grow stronger and learn to notice and accept things about yourself that you may never have otherwise discovered.  This class has made me an even more passionate yogi and allowed me to deepen my meditation practice.  I'm so grateful and could not recommend Nick more highly! ~ Rachel S

This course provided a solid structure for me to dwell in as I learned better ways to deal with the uncertainties in my life.  The 8 week experience helped me to inject a healthy dose of calm into each day. ~ Rob G

I found this 8 week series to be a very useful exploration of myself and how I might become more fulfilled in my life.  I became aware of previous hurdles to change and how I might address them now. ~Theresa S

This is an experience that any description would fail to completely express.  I discovered that I can change my life in a positive way with no intervention from the outside world.  This was not just a concept discussed in the sessions, but something I was able to demonstrate to myself in real life.  ~ Terry T

The weekly group sessions and the weekly themes were helpful in orienting me each week.  They reminded me to stay present and pay attention to what was really going on around me and within me in various interactions. ~ Barb M

Nick Beem’s Phoenix Rising Therapy training and expertise combined with a supportive group 8-week class made this experience truly powerful and effective at changing my response to stress.  This class helped me get through a tough time in my life and gave me tools that I’ll continue to use to support me in living my life to the fullest in the future. ~ Denise A

Nick has a gift for bringing everyone together in a compassionate and welcoming environment. ~ Rita O

There is a surprise in all this - it really is not that difficult to get in touch with awareness, integration and discovery of your inner truth.  PRYT provides the tools to your everyday life - no matter how busy your are, it is possible to incorporate into your everyday life. ~ Rita O

Main benefit: “I had to carve out time for myself to attend class.”

The most positive thing I have done for myself. ~ Lisa T

this is unlike any ‘stress reduction’ workshop i could ever dream up - i mean, really - weren’t we relaxed as children?  the answer is clearly ‘yes’ - so come play! this helped me play again! which is even better than relaxing ~ Ivy B

About the facilitator: spacious presence, very intuitive facilitation.. and comforting warmth ~ Ivy B

Main benefit: "Discovering a fresh way of experiencing life." ~ Laleh K

I really believe I have developed a new way to think and react... a way to react with calmness and gentleness. ~ Joan B

The main benefit for me was to re-connect with my body in a loving, grateful way. ~ Denise A

I was able to experience, in a very real way, the process of uncovering information, feelings and images that were stored in my body/mind.  This is information that can help me solve my problems. ~ Leah D

This program shows you how actually implement mindfulness in your life.  It gives you the structure to make it an ongoing practice.  Basic, yet profound, this practice can be done by anyone.  The power of this program is in the experience, the movement, the group and the repetition. ~ Sarah H

It's impossible not to garner anything from Calm within Chaos! This program offers a precise and potent balance of structure, freedom, and space for honesty, introspection and discovery that naturally suits the needs of every participant.  It has helped me reexamine my life with honesty and prioritize my time and my goals. I have been able to see how only a little time can allow for a lot of progress when budgeted properly. ~ Julia K