At Grateful Yoga, we offer several modalities of yoga therapy.

Therapeutic Yoga
Postures, Breathing and Education

rhoda assisting seated twistIf you are in chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or have a condition that requires you to modify your lifestyle, we can design a therapeutic plan to support you. Our teachers specialize in working with such conditions as: musculoskeletal imbalance (common back pain, shoulder and neck tension, etc), multiple sclerosis, joint replacements, PTSD & trauma recovery, cancer treatment recovery, and persistent stress and anxiety.  Therapeutic yoga sessions can include:

Simple breathing practices can quickly reduce stress and create peace in the bodymind.
Dynamic and static yoga postures help joints stay mobile and muscles supple - especially important when there is decreased range of motion due to injury or surgery.
Learn how to free your posture from habitual limitations and stand tall!
Guided study of yoga philosophy can offer a useful perspective for understanding pain, suffering and what we can do about them.
Customized practice
Receive home practices designed to complement and enhance your current healthcare plan.
We can work with your physical therapy exercises to make them more engaging and effective.
Safe, strengthening exercises offer an experience of empowerment inside your body
Facilitated self-discovery
Bring awareness to current physical imbalances, rather than avoid them and create more imbalance
Examine how your physical symptoms relate to life situations, emotions, or psychological patterns.
Meditation offers a path to reconnection with yourself - who you are beyond any particular injury or malady.

Yoga therapy offers holistic support for medical care, not a replacement.  We are happy to speak with your doctor, psychotherapist or physical therapist before meeting with you.  We can also provide a wide range of referrals to other practitioners.  Please be sure to disclose all current health-related issues to the yoga instructor before getting started with your therapeutic yoga plan.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Self-Inquiry and Somatic Exploration

cobra 400wArising from the fruitful intersection of traditional yoga and humanistic psychology, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a unique approach to healing and transformation. Your Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner will offer you supported postures and guided self-inquiry, but not instruction or advice like you might experience in private yoga sessions or psychotherapy.

Why try Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

  • Relieve physical manifestations of stress and anxiety.
  • Reconnect with your body after illness or injury.
  • Receive support during life transitions.
  • Deepen your experience of yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy.

What can I expect from a Phoenix Rising session?

  • A 90 minute one-on-one session in a private studio environment with a professionally trained therapist.
  • Supported yoga stretches in which you control the intensity. No previous yoga experience required.
  • Simple dialogue with the practitioner brings your awareness to the present moment and encourages you to explore what arises.
  • Each session ends with an integration process where you can incorporate your newfound wisdom into your life.
  • You may experience deep relaxation, profound release of physical and emotional tension, fresh insight, and a renewed connection to your inner strength.
The blending of bodywork and dialogue helped me find the key I had been searching for, to open a door to greater possibility. Carol, Northbrook, nurse
Phoenix Rising is totally different from, yet complimentary to psychotherapy - it is a path to experience deep feelings and access your strength and spirit in a very direct and immediate way. N.R., Wilmette, musician

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Visit the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy website.

Read Nick's reflections on this powerful work on his blog.

The yoga therapy components of our practice are based on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and ParaYoga, not derived from our instructors status as RYTs with Yoga Alliance Registry.

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